The art of consultant is well situated in the field of society service.
The world of today of free circulation of information, and rapid development
of communication, has provided the profession of consultant with a
tremendous amount of knowledge and information. This reality has introduced
a new dimension to the art of consultant, which is the transfer and
adaptation of the latest technology to the need of the society. This fact
has initiated the creation of our group of (IC), a defined goal and
strategy: The Society Development through cooperation with several
outstanding experts located all over the world. The main offices as well as
other representative offices are serving as administrative offices to assist
IC associate experts. This philosophy of associate experts provides a good
flexibility and enhances the scientific capability of the office.In the following pages a brief introduction to
company activities is provided since it’s creation on May 1994. If you need
any additional information please don’t hesitate to contact me. 
Dr. Ing.

   service overview


The departments of the company are divided in such a manner to cover the company activities, and to respond also to the
company’s objectives. The prime objective is to serve the society development through high quality consultant service in different fields,
mainly engineering and environment, studies research and continuing education. The activity for the time being is distributed on four major groups:

Group (I):    Energy, Environment, and industrial Application Group

Group (II):   Water Technology Group

Group (III):  Education, Continuing Education Group

Group (IV): Software development Group

The above groups are animated and headed by lead expert in the specific field related
to the group activity. The expert are usually non-permanent associate
expert. In the following page a brief description of activities as well as
running contract will be presented. Also, sample C.V. of permanent lead
experts associated with Egypt activities is proceeded of the end of this brochure.