Education, Continuing Education Group

The activities of this group are the preparation of continuing education courses in the related office activities, beside the preparation of workshops and conferences in the related subject. In fact the activity in this group has started prior to the other activity by the preparation of the international Energy conference JETH93 held in Alexandria. Also a part of this group is the preparation of advanced education courses using the available advanced technology as multimedia.

The active contracts are:

  • Multi media package for desalination
    Contractor the main contractor is UNESCO / Mansoura University
    Nature Designing the multimedia part
    Beginning of activity October 1994
    Activity terminated Feb. 1996

    Brief description of the activity:

    The task for this work was the preparation of multimedia presentation as video film; slides a soft were on CD laser diskette.

Conference and continuing education activities

The group has been implicated in the organization of three international conferences and two exhibitions. The first conference was the International Energy Conference JITH93 held in Alexandria prior to the formal starting of the activities. The conference participants were around 300 participants from different countries. The second conferences in the International Water Technology Conference IWTC96 held in Alexandria Feb. 1996. The number of participant is 300. The second International Water Technology Conference IWTC97, was held in Alexandria March 1997. The third , the fourth and the fifth were held Alexandria March 98- March 99 March 2000.

An exhibition is organized for water equipment manufactures. The exhibition was held in the Palestine hotel Feb. 1996. The second, the third and the fourth exhibition were held in the same place March 1997, 98, 99

The Available Continuing Education Courses:

  • Centrifugal Pumps, Theory Operation and Maintenance.
  • Hydraulic Measurements
  • Net Work Analysis
  • Maintenance of small compact units for water purification
  • Maintenance of small compact units for sewage treatment
  • Hydraulic pipe line design and operation
  • Desalination technologies (an introduction to different desalination technology).
  • Centrifugal Compressors theory and operation
  • Potable water net work, calibration and maintenance