Solution Objectives


Achieving the optimal usage of machines and avoiding unexpected breakdowns by
constantly monitoring machines statuses and usage through an accurate and up to date Database.

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ECOPE Continuing the efforts made to promote and facilitate follow-up stations’ monitoring and the implementation of operations provided in the GOBIC, International Consultants has the honor to submit follow-up economic operation program ECOPE

The main objective of ECOPE is to follow up the cost of operating the stations from all aspects (electrical energy – fuel – manpower and wages – materials such as alum and chlorine … etc.)

When you merge the two products, ECOPE with GOBIC, the operator will be able of the integrated follow-up to the station with all the data to compare actual data to international standards.


MINISCADA Mini SCADA is a commercial name for Data Acquisition system developed by International Consultants.

Our Scope in International Consultants is to make a complete Maintenance and Operation based on Computer Software Package.

Since operator needs to insert many data on which running cost is based (e.g., Flow, Head, and Operation Case of Equipment), these data can be automatically inserted with real time trend resulting in accurate results and constant monitoring and operation

Mini SCADA allows us to have an integrated system working through GOBIC and ECOPE to have accurate values and readings about total cost and optimum cost.